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Who I am

Hi again! I’m Robinson Greig, a freelance designer based in Cambridge, MA.  I've spent the past four years working with early-stages startups to help iteratively build their products towards product-market fit.

When I’m not working, I enjoy long-distance running and hiking, traveling with my 35mm camera, and unsuccessfully training my chocolate lab to do fun tricks.

What I do

I’m a generalist - comfortable taking not much more than a rough concept, and turning it into a functional product.

I particularly enjoy working with creative teams that are establishing an unconventional approach to improve a piece of people’s lives.

I am most useful in the early stages of developing a product, when the feature set or market fit may still be a bit unclear. I love taking an inspiring idea and building prototypes to guide the process of bringing the idea to life.

My approach

My design approach is fast-paced and experimental. I build light-weight, duct-taped, human-behind-the-curtain prototypes, and thoughtfully iterate towards a product that people will use and love.

What I charge

I prefer to charge a flat fee per project, so I’ll send you a quote once we align on the scope and goals of your project.

I find that a flat fee removes any anxiety about cost, and allows us to focus on building something great together.

My rate roughly works out to be about $4k per week. To give you a ballpark, the design and development of Project 501 took about two weeks.

When am I available?
Sept 11 - Sept 15: Available
Sept 18 - Sept 22: Available
Sept 25 - Sept 29: Booked
Oct 02 - Oct 06 Booked
Oct 09 - Oct 13 Booked
Oct 16 - Oct 20 Booked
Oct 23 - Oct 27 Booked
Oct 30 - Nov 03 Booked
Nov 06 - Nov 10 Booked
Nov 13 - Nov 17 Booked
Nov 20 - Nov 24 Available
Contact me

If you have a project in mind that you think I may be a good fit for, I’d love to hear from you. Shoot over an email to robinson[at]greig.io with some details about your project and how I can help.

Robinson Greig

Freelance UX Designer in Cambridge, MA

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