Hello hello. I’m Robinson Greig, a designer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I enjoy collaborating with product teams to bring new ideas to market.

I've found my way to design by trying a lot of different things; a trait I believe to be important in designers. I have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering (somehow I also earned a patent), and have spent four years working as a generalist for early stage startups. I can write a little code, lead a product team, and get out to do field research. Ultimately, I enjoy the creative process of breaking down and solving complex problems.

My approach to design is experimental. I build light-weight, duct-taped, partially-human-powered prototypes as rapidly as possible, with the intent to find users and collect feedback on something tangible; something that people can hold, use, and react to. I am comfortable operating in ambiguity, and prefer to ship things in a rough state.

If you have a project in mind that you think I’d be a good fit for, say hello. Send a little note to robinson@greig.io to tell me about you, your project, and how I can help.